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Play Station review

I was stationed at the Play station /Avalou Warehouse Stage all weekend long. It was the other end of the fair grounds from the main stage that had Beasty Boys and Kid Rock.

After hearing the drummer sound test I was glad to have earplugs. All the music was loud in the tent. The ear plugs didn't kill the music totally just moved it down from what seemed like 10000 dpi to 100. Monday morning I was very thankfull for the earplugs. My ears didn't hurt and I was able to hear normally after standing in front of the speakers all weekend long.

YMMV I enjoy a lot of different kinds of music. But mostly '80's, New Age, some Techno, and Music w/o words. I am not a club kid in fact I am probably old enough to be their parent.

The Play station Stage had:

Was a good "Garage" band. For a first act they were good. There were 4 members of the band. The Lead said "I am more psyked about being here than I am about playing for you all. Because of all the talent that was there" One of the guitars and the Bass player need to remember where their audience was. I saw more of their backs than their fronts. I don't care if they were dancing around the stage just do it towards the audance.

Was better than Dropping Daylight. They also needed to play more to the audience.

They were my favorite band of the day. It was obvious that they got their influence from early Rolling Stones. It was a nice change from the other 2 bands.

seemed to be just tossed in there because the show was running early. They were a Main stage band that ended up playing a 2nd show.

Got to VooDoo just in time for their show. They had just gotten off the plain 45 min. earlier. Was a good Garage band better than Dropping Daylight but not as good as Juliette.

Were all mixers. I was watching the crowd more than the DJ's. There was many guys there that were definite eye candy. 2 of them were Dancers at one of the local clubs. I had to remind myself that they were young enough to be my children. (major sigh)

There were seveal people dancing with Glow sticks on strings. Some where very good I enjoyed the show they were putting on.

Sunday's review later
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